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Last Updated: Dec 1st 2020 

Those Who Fight (All Versions) have a total of


119 members + 5 pending


sorted by versions in:

● Piano Version (aka Tatakau Monotachi):

39 members + 0 pending


● FFAC Version:

26 members + 2 pending


● Further - FFAC Version:

28 members + 1 pending


● Battle Theme (aka Fighting):

26 members + 2 pending



Those Who Fight is a track from OST of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children composed by Nobuo Uematsu and is made in three different version:

 - Those Who Fight - Piano Version (aka Tatakau Monotachi);

 - Those Who Fight - FFAC Version;

 - Those Who Fight Further - FFAC Version.

It's also the Battle Theme (aka Fighting) in the game Final Fantasy VII.

You can listen this tracks in the box to the right pushing the play buttons!

If you're a fan of Those Who Fight, or a fan of Final Fantasy OST in general, send in your submission to join.
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