Welcome to RAW Talent, the approved fanlisting for Sugiyama Noriaki (aka Non-tan) the awesome Japanese Seiyuu  famous for being the voice of amazing characters like  Uchiha Sasuke (from Naruto) and Ishida Uryuu (from Bleach)!
To know something more about Sugiyama-kun, please check the extra page.
If you are a fan of Non-Tan, do not hesitate and join us, but please read the rules first!

I must give a HUGE amount of gratitude to Estefania for allowing me the opportunity to adopt Noriaki's fanlisting; it is an honor that I will never fully be able to express.

Last Update: May 1 2020 Members: 442 (+4 pending)

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The fanlisting was adopted on June 2009 from Estefania and is listed under the Actors category (S) at The Fanlistings Network. It's owened by AliceBi and part of Seven Wings.

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