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This fanlisting was previously owned by Teri who graciously allowed me to adopt it on August 2008. Huge thank you to her.

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The author: Jiraiya-sama (one of my favorite characters)
During his travels, Jiraiya wrote a book based on his experiences in love, which came to be known as "Come Come Paradise" (Icha Icha Paradaisu). The book proved an instant success and has since spawned a number of sequels. The popularity of the Icha Icha series seems to have paid off well, as Jiraiya's checkbook reveals that he is fairly wealthy (Naruto exclaims that there are quite a few zeros at the end). Despite his wealth, Jiraiya is not above taking Naruto's money and spending it on sake and women.

The fl was opened on August 2008 and is listed under the Item category at The Anime Fls Network.