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The two animated series, told over a combined 152 episodes and consisting primarily of the following story points:


Series 1


Directed by:          Toyoo Ashida

Studio:               Toei Animation

Network:            Fuji TV

Original run:          4 October 1984 – 5 March 1987

No. of episodes:   109


Part 1 (1 - 22)

  • After his girlfriend Yuria is abducted by his traitorous friend Shin, Kenshiro wanders from place to place with Batt and Rin trying to find Shin's newly constructed city, Southern Cross.

  • Ken fights Shin and learns that the absent Yuria has committed suicide.

Part 2 (23 - 57)

  • Ken meets Rei, a Nanto Seiken disciplined warrior, and fights the wolf gang Clan.

  • We learn more about Rei, whose sister Airi was kidnapped by a man with seven scars on his chest (Jagi).

  • Ken and Rei destroyed the Kiba clan and saved Airi on the process, Airi mentions the one who kidnapped her was Jagi.

  • We begin learning of Ken's past with his training brothers: the noble Toki, and the now-corrupted Jagi and Raoh.

  • Ken discovers his brother Jagi is alive and wreaking havoc while impersonating him.

  • Rei and Ken discover that the soon-to-be-stopped Jagi is the one that kidnapped Rei's sister Airi. Also Jagi admitted it was he who deceived Shin to betray Ken and steal Yuria away.

  • Ken finds out his remaining brothers (Toki and Raoh) are still alive after killing Jagi.

  • Ken decides to search for Toki and liberate Cassandora prisoners from Raoh's iron fist.

  • Ken and Rei each encounter and fight Raoh. Rei is fatally wounded, and Ken barely survives thanks to Toki's intervention.

  • Rei has three days to live after his battle with Raoh. It is discovered Mamiya used to be a slave for Juda, another Southern style practitioner, thus Rei decides to avenge her honor before his death.


Part 3 (58 - 83)

  • Ken runs across Shū and helps in his fight against Souther.

  • Raoh kills Kōryū and duels with Toki.

  • Raoh's lieutenant Ryūga attacks Toki to draw out Kenshiro.

  • Ryūga realizes that Raoh's methods will not make the world better so he challenges Kenshiro to see if Ken is strong enough to be the saviour of mankind.

  • Ryūga laments that because he was related to Yuria he was unable to be with her.

  • Ryūga purposely inflicts a mortal wound on himself before fighting Ken. This is because he knew Yuria loved Ken and Ryūga did not want to live knowing that he killed Ken.

  • Ken defeats Ryūga; Toki and Ryūga die together.

  • Ryūga dies statisfied that Ken is strong enough to defeat Raoh.

Part 4 (84 - 109)

  • The Nanto Goshasei attack Raoh.

  • Ken and Raoh learn that Yuria is actually alive and each race to get to her first.

  • Ken and Raoh have their final battle.

  • Ken strikes a fatal blow to Raoh's heart, but Raoh commits suicide without any regret, knowing Kenshiro as his brother (and also his love to Yuria).

  • Ken leaves with Yuria; Black King (Raoh's battle horse) decides to follow Ken. Lynn and Batt decide to let Yuria live out her remaining life with Ken before she dies of cancer.


Series 2


Directed by:          Toyoo Ashida

Studio:               Toei Animation

Network:            Fuji TV

Original run:          March 13, 1987 – February 18, 1988

No. of episodes:   43


Part 1 (110 - 122)

  • The peaceful time doesn't last long after Raoh's death, the world returning back to injustice.

  • Lynn and Batt start a resistance group called "the Northern Star Army" to fight against the tyrannical Gento Kō Ken empire.

  • Kenshiro returns to the world, destroying several Gento Kō garrisons. Yuria has passed away by now.

  • Kenshiro sets out to take down the Gento Kō Ken empire, which threatens to destroy all martial artists in order to rule the world.

  • Falco appears, reluctant to help the fake Gento emperor who is holding Lin's twin sister hostage.

  • Kenshiro and Falco battle, eventually deciding they are both equals.

  • Ken destroy the Gento Kō Empire and the remaining army.

  • Lin is kidnapped and taken to the spartan, barbarous Land of Asura. Ken follows to save her and finds the birthplace of Hokuto Shin Ken (probably China).

Part 2 (123 - 152)

  • Kenshiro and Falco arrive in Asura.

  • Falco is fatally wounded by an heninger called Sunagumo. Ken presses some tsubo points on Falco so that he can fight one last battle and cut Sunagumo in two halves. Falco dies in the end, but knows that his wife is pregnant, thus his Gento martial art will continue to live after his passing.

  • Shachi is introduced and Lynn is taken hostage by the warlord Kaiser who is planning to hand her over to Han as a gift.

  • Shachi secretly observes Ken's fights so he can learn Ken's style and try to find weaknesses in Hokuto Ryuken style so he can get revenge.

  • Ken meets and defeats Han, learning that he is from this country as well.

  • First encounter between Ken and Kaio with the latter winner and with Lynn as an hostage. Ken, almost dead, is brought away by Shachi.

  • In order to push Hyo against Ken, Kajou cowardly kills his sister -and Hyo's fiancée- Sayaka.

  • After the clash between him and Ken, Hyo recovers his past.

  • Shachi dies by the hands of Kajou while Ken masters the secret of Hokuto hidden into a statue.

  • Last match, after hitting Lyn with the Shinkanaku, Kajou is beaten hard by Kenshiro and injured to death. Kajou dies engulfed with Hyo into a flux of lava. Lyn is recovered by Bat and he's destined to marry her.

After this duel Ken starts in search of new badguys to kill.

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