Main Characters


The following is a list of the story's gifted characters and the various disciplines in which they are skilled.


Hokuto Shinken


Ryūken (リュウケン, Ryuuken, Ryuken): The 63rd successor of Hokuto Shinken. Known as Kasumi Ramon in the manga Fist of the Blue Sky. Father that adopted and trained Raoh, Toki, Jagi, and Kenshiro. Slain by Raoh (only by luck, because Ryuken was suffering from a temporary heartattack just when he was about to seal Raoh's fist) after failing to prevent his misuse of Hokuto Shinken and after he chose Kenshiro as the next successor. Kenshiro didn't know Ryuken was killed by Raoh (he was told that Ryuken died from illness), until Toki revealed the shameful secret during their first battle at the end of season two. Both Kenshiro and Raoh remember alot of Ryuken's education whenever they are in difficult situation. In the Fist of the Blue Sky, he appeared few times as a cameo, the first apperance as a middle aged when naming baby Kenshiro, while the other as a very young arrogant youngster but already expert in Hokuto Shin Ken.

Kōryū (コウリュウ, Kouryuu, Kohryu): Studied Hokuto Shinken with Ryuuken his old rival, but yielded the succession despite having the stronger style (to avoid having the tragic fate of death shared by multiple Hokuto Shinken martial artists). Also known as the "Hokuto Dragon." To prevent any knowledge regarding his martial art to be passed on, Kōryū led an ascetic life in the mountains. Is later sought out and killed by Raoh. He had two sons named Zeus and Aus who were spared by Raoh and told not to seek the same tragic path as Raoh and Toki. Some fans believe he may be Kasumi Kenshiro from the prequel Fist of the Blue Sky.

Raō (ラオウ, Raou, Raoh): The eldest of Ryuuken's four adopted sons. He is the real brother of Toki. He trained under Ryuuken with a burning desire to become the strongest. When Ryuuken allowed Toki to train as well (knowing fully well the tragic fate these two would now share), Raoh told Toki to stop him in the future if his power would ever run amuck. Upon hearing that Kenshiro would be the next successor to Hokuto Shinken, Raoh broke tradition and did not relinquish his Hokuto style. He killed Ryuuken after his master tried to prevent him from miusuing and soiling the name and tradition of Hokuto. After leaving the dojo, Raoh assumed the name "Ken'ō / Ken-Oh" (Fist King) or "Bōkyō-sei" (Violent Evil Star) and raised a giant army to slowly conquer the world. Raoh built the "City of Wailing Demons" and its infamous "Cassandra Prison." In it, Raoh imprisoned thousands of martial artists, including his own brother Toki, in order to steal their centuries-old techniques. Rei of the Nanto Suichō Ken tried to stop him but was dealt a fatal blow that killed him slowly and painfully over the next few days. Raoh's anticipated fight with Kenshiro resulted in a stalemate and would have killed both fighters if it wasn't stopped by Toki. Ever since the fight with Kenshiro, Raoh has been recuperating before beginning his quest for world domination once again. He watched alongside Toki as Kenshiro battled Souther and later fought Toki for the promise they made in their adolescence. Raoh spared Tokiís life after Toki failed to kill him due to his illness. Kouryuu then tried to stop him but was no match. At the final showdown with Kenshiro, he captured Yuria and used her as a bait to lure Kenshiro out, Raoh revealed his love to Yuria. Was fatally injured by Kenshiro with a strike to his heart while using the "Musou Tensei" technqiue, however they both reconciled each other before Raoh took his own life without regret. One important point about Raoh is that unlike other various scavenging gangs or private army in the wasteland, Roah is a conquerer NOT a destroyer (thus there are some civilians who praise Roah).

Toki (トキ, Toki): Kind and gentle person. Gives up succession of Hokuto Shinken to save Ken and Yuria. Uses his arts for healing. When the nuclear holocaust struck, Toki acquired radiation poisoning. At the time of the series, he is seriously ill, but still a capable fighter, especially with his own "Hokuto Ujō Ken" (Hokuto sympathy fist) style. He was supposed to have the greatest potential among the 3 remaining Hokuto martial artists Kenshiro, Toki and Raoh. However, the radioactive poisoning inhibited his chances to be the strongest of the three. He sacrificed his own life, to make Kenshiro become stronger by sadness and grief (since Hokuto Shin Ken is based on sadness and loneliness) for his upcoming battle against Raoh. Toki is portrayed as a Jesus like saviour in the wasteland.

Jagi (ジャギ, Jyagi): The second-youngest of the four Hokuto brothers. Deceptive and evil. Jagi stops at nothing to win, including the use of guns. Hideously disfigured by Kenshiro after trying to kill him, Jagi is obsessed with destroying his younger brother and his reputation. Persuaded Shin to abduct Yuria, and later killed Rei's parents and sold his sister into slavery, inscribing seven scars on his chest so Kenshiro would be blamed. Was killed by Kenshiro's hundred crack fist of the north star, as Kenshiro said "An ugly death suits you right", revealed to Kenshiro that Toki and Raoh were still alive before he exploded.

Kenshirō (ケンシロウ, Kenshirou, Kenshiroh): The 64th successor to the Hokuto Shinken after his adopted father, Ryuken. He is considered "one of the greatest" successors in Hokuto Shinken history, due to his knowledge of certain legendary techniques like "Musou Tensei".


Nanto Seiken - Nanto Rokusei Ken


The Nanto Rokusei Ken are the six primary styles of Nanto Seiken, the 102 other branches being their tributaries. Each of them has a fate linked to a certain star in the Nanto constellation (aka the Milk Dipper, part of Sagittarius in Western astrology). Yuda (Japanese for Judas) betrayed the Nanto Rokusei Ken and joined Raoh's army; after this, the fates of all of the Nanto stars turned tragic.


Rei (レイ, Rei, Lei, Ray): Nanto Suichō Ken (South Dipper Waterfowl Fist) Man of Gi-sei (Righteous Star). Rei's parents were slain and his sister kidnapped by a man with seven scars on his chest (actually Jagi). He was hired as a mercenary by the Kiba Ichizou to attack Mamiya's village, however, he betrayed them, sensing the noble purpose in Ken. Working together, the two of them and Mamiya were able to eliminate the Kiba clan and recover Rei's sister Airi. He is the first one to meet Raoh, while trying to save Lynn and Airi during an attack of Raoh's troups. Sensing Raoh's immense power, he decides to fight him in order to repay Ken for giving him back his humanity. He uses a special technique, which empowers him to defeat his opponent while sacrificing his own life. But Raoh sees it coming and defeats Rei, who is left with three days to live in pain and agony. Before he dies, though, he is able to kill Yuda, who had kidnapped his love Mamiya years ago.

Souther aka Thouther (サウザー, Sauzaa, Thouther): Nanto Hō-ō Ken (South Dipper Phoenix Fist) Man of Shō-sei (command star). Shou-sei rules the other Nanto stars; therefore, none of the other Nanto arts can oppose Souther. Souther establishes himself as Emperor after Raoh's injury and becomes known as a cruel and heartless man, kidnapping children to build his Holy Cross Mausoleum. When he was a child, he was orphaned and adopted by Nanto Hō-ō Ken master Ōgai, who instructed him in the art. When he was fifteen, he was blindfolded and attacked by an assailant. He defended himself, but when he removed the blindfold, he discovered that it had been Ōgai who had attacked. He had not dodged Souther's blow and was mortally wounded. He told Souther that this was the way of their art, that the young replace the old. Souther was crushed, and vowed to never feel love again, believing that it only brought pain. After meeting Shuu, Kenshiro fought against Souther and lost horribly when Hokuto Shinken did not work on Souther's body. After Shū's death, he fought Souther again and was able to discover that Souther's heart and pressure points were reversed. He finished Souther with Toki's merciful Hokuto.

Shin (シン, Shin): Nanto Koshuu Ken (South Dipper Lone Eagle Fist; never called anything but Nanto Seiken in the series or manga) Man of Jun-sei (Martyr's Star). Was a very close friend of Kenshiro, however, he desired Yuria from afar. Jagi was able to convince him that in the new world, someone more ambitious than Kenshiro would be needed to prevent Yuria from falling into harm's way. Shin defeated Kenshiro, poking the seven holes in the image of Hokuto onto his chest, and took Yuria with him. Later, he called himself King and raised an army of thugs to build himself an empire, building Yuria the city of Southern Cross. Yuria was unable to accept that so much evil was being done in her name, and seemingly leapt to her death. At the request of the Nanto Goshasei Ken, Shin agreed to pretend Yuria was dead to keep Raoh from taking over Southern Cross to get her. An angry Kenshiro then caught up to Shin and defeated him with "Hokuto Jūji Zan" (Hokuto Cross Kill), inscribing Shin's logo of the bloody cross on his chest. Shin leapt to his death, maintaining that Yuria had died.

Shū (シュウ, Shuu, Shu): Nanto Hakurō Ken (South Dipper White Heron Fist) Man of Jin-sei (benevolence star). Originally Souther's second-in-command, Shū was awakened to his destiny by a young Kenshiro. When Kenshiro was ten, Raoh brought him to the Nanto Temple for a test of his worthiness. Kenshiro would defeat ten Nanto warriors or die in the attempt. Sensing that Kenshiro reacted to his ki, Shū volunteered himself as the tenth opponent and handily defeated the boy. When Souther demanded his death, Shū refused and instead clawed out his own eyes, carrying Kenshiro from the temple. Shū taught himself to see with his heart, and later led a resistance movement against Souther. Shū's son Shiba, who Shū did not want taking part in his tragic destiny, died saving Kenshiro from Souther after his defeat. Later, Shū's hideout was raided, and Shū allowed himself to be tormented and slain to protect his young charges. At his death, he was miraculously able to see Kenshiro with his own eyes. A true hero at heart.

Yuda aka Judas (ユダ, Yuda, Judas): Nanto Kōkaku Ken (South Dipper Crimson Crane Fist) Man of You-sei (beauty star, betrayal star, or enchantment star). Betrayer of the Nanto Rokusei Ken. Kidnapped Mamiya at her twentieth birthday, killing her parents before her eyes. He later battled Rei, who sought to avenge her. Yuda had hated Rei for some time, feeling that the beauty of Rei's style was an insult to his own. Slain by Rei, he conceded at his death that Rei was more beautiful.

Yuria aka Julia (ユリア, Yuria): Woman of Jibo-sei (Merciful Mother Star) Kenshiro's fiancee. Kidnapped by Shin. Later in the series, after the death of the other Nanto stars, she becomes the Last General and orders the Nanto Goshasei Ken against Raoh. Raoh manages to kidnap her, but discovers that she is dying of radiation poisoning. This sadness enables him to use the Hokuto Musotensei against Kenshiro. After Raoh gives his life to the heavens, Ken and Yuria leave togeher, eventually settling in Shoki's village. Yuria eventually dies of her illness. A tragedy worthy of this anime, which centres around the issues of love and hate.


Nanto Gosha-sei


The five Gosha masters are sworn to protect the Last Nanto General. There is conflicting information as to whether the Gosha fist is a Nanto style or something completely seperate.


Fudō (of the Mountain): A giant Nanto Goshasei Fighter. Fudō was once a terrible outlaw known as "Akki no Fudō" (Fudō the Ogre). Fudō attacked the Hokuto dojo and terrified the young Raō. But a very young Yulia stood up to him, risking her life to save some puppies from Fudō's rampage. Fudō learned from her courage that life is the most important thing on earth. Fudō the Ogre became Fudō of the Mountains, one of the five Nanto Goshasei; the guardians of Yulia. Once an orphan himself, Fudō also took care of orphaned children. After trembling in the presence of Kenshirō's Musōtensei, Raō decided to eliminate the first person who ever frightened him, and challenged Fudō to battle. Raō ordered his own men to shoot him if he took a step back. Fudō was able to make him do so, but Raō's men shot Fudō instead and killed him.

Hyūi (of the Wind): One of the five Nanto Goshasei and leader of the Wind Army. He fought Kenshiro only to lose inform him that another Nanto Goshasei would come after him and Roah, the other Hokuto Shinken practicioner. He will killed by Roah after trying to thwart his attempts for world conquest.

Jūza (of the Cloud): Jūza's self-styled martial art was the best of the Goshasei. Jūza had grown up with Yulia and wished to marry her, but his dreams were crushed when he learned she was his half-sister. As a result he became like a gigolo and chased all the pretty girls but not really loving any of them. A free-spirited type, Jūza did not wish to fight Raōh for the sake of the Last of the Nanto Rokusei Ken until he learned that she was Yulia. Jūza was actually able to briefly take Kokuō from Raō, which was a first. Roah sits down on a boulder and refuses to move until his horse comes back. Eventually Juza comes back to fight Raoh, and Juza definitely gives Raoh a tough fight. Raoh is just too strong and eventually Juza is hit with a fatal blow. Juza falls on his back apparently dead. As Raoh begins to walk away, Juza's body leaps up for one last attack which Raoh blocks. Before Raoh counterattacks however, he realizes that Juza is dead and that his body was still trying to attack, so he lets Juza's body fall to the ground lifeless. Raoh, comments to himself, "Juza truly was terrible" in respect for the tough battle Juza gave him.

Rihaku (of the Ocean): The leader of the five Nanto Goshasei. Many years later he was the elder statesman of the Hokuto Army led by Bat and Rin. Rihaku was the leader of the Go sha sect, as well as one of the oldest Nanto practitioners. He personally guarded the Last Nanto Warrior, and helped guide the other Go Sha sei to strategic points to stop Raoh. A very militaristic man, Rihaku planned his movements carefully. He had one daughter, named Tou; but in later years, he served as a mentor to Lynn and Batt. His elemental representation was "Umi" (sea).

Shuren (of the Fire): Leader of the Crimson Army. He was killed by Raou.


Taizan-ji Kenpō


Ryūga (リュウガ, Ryuuga, Ryuga): Neither embracing the Hokuto nor Nanto style, he is master of "Taizan Tenrō Ken" (Taishan Heavenly Wolf Fist). Ryūga is of the Tenrō-sei or solitary star of Sirius; the Lone Wolf. His unique Taizan Tenrō Ken scoops out chunks of flesh from his enemies, letting them experience bitter cold before death. He is the older brother of Kenshiro's beloved Yulia. Having despised the chaos and turmoil that followed the post-apocalyptic world, he joined Raoh believing that his iron fist would bring stability and order back to the world. The Tenrō was destined to help Hokuto. As a result, Ryūga destroyed those who opposed Raoh and set out to fight Kenshiro in order to discover who was stronger among the two. After attacking Toki to draw out Kenshiro, Ryūga's mentality began to change. Just before his fated duel with Kenshiro, Ryūga slit his belly already believing that it would be he who would put an end to Raoh's regime of terror.


Gento Kō Ken


Falco: (Gold) Successor to Gento Kō Ken. Although Jakō orders him to kill the Hokuto and Nanto fighters in the name of the Gento Empress, he is a honorable man. When the Emperess is discovered alive, he turns against Jakō and kills him. His right leg is a prosthetic, the original was offered to Raoh to convince him to leave the Gento village alone. Later on, when fighting Falco, Kenshirō disables one of his own legs out of respect for his brother's acceptance of it.

Soria: (Purple) One of Falco's proteges, he seeks out and challenges Kenshiro.

Shōki: (Red) An old friend of Falco's. When Ken and Yuria set out after Raoh's death, Shōki allowed them to live in his home village. Later, he attempts to kill Jakou and is seemingly killed by Falco in a ruse. One of Jakō's sons sees through the ruse and kills Shōki with a spear. Shōki dies after seeing Kenshiro one last time.

Boltz: (Blue) (Anime only)

Taiga: (Green) (Anime only)

Jakō: Not a martial artist, he has kidnapped the Gento Empress and ordered Falco to destroy the Hokuto and Nanto fighters. Ostensibly, this is because they attempt to outshine the Gento imperial star (Polaris). In reality, when Raoh was about to leave the Gento village after Falco convinced him to leave it alone, Raoh told Falco that Jakou had evil intentions and that Falco should kill him. Falco was unable to at the time because his mother had raised both of them as their sons and would have been heartbroken. Later, Jakou took the Empress hostage and threatened to kill her if the Gento fighters did not do his bidding.

Lui: Lin's twin sister. Empress of the Gento. Only one of the children was permitted to live, but Falco could not bring himself to kill Lin and instead left her in the care of his aunt and uncle.


Hokuto Ryū Ken


Jūkei : An old man who appeared in the prequel Fist of the Blue Sky as a young boy. Taught Kaio, Han, Shachi and Hyo the art of Hokuto Ryu Ken. Also he is the guardian of Hokuto No Ken clan. Killed his own family during a demonic possession from this Hokuto Ryu Ken until Kasumi Ryuken stopped him. Was killed by a brainwashed Hyo at the end, died with regret.

Shachi : A foreigner of Asura, son of a pirate. Learned Hokuto Ryu Ken after accidentally killing some Asura soldiers when they harassed his girlfriend. Begged Jukei to teach him Hokuto Ryu Ken because Shachi couldnt wait for the "saviour". Shachi lost his humanity when he learned this forbidden art until he met Lynn. Died from bloodloss during a battle against Kaio.

Han : One of Kaio's general, whom always in danger of being assassinated. Claims to have lost count of disposing assassins after the 100th time. Told Kenshiro that he is from Asura country during a battle with Ken. His fists were so fast they could not be seen when attacking.

Hyō : Kenshiros real brother, Kaio killed his fiance and laid the blame on Kenshiro. Ken defeated Hyo and knew the truth about his fiance death. Promised to kill Kaio but forgave Kaio due to their deep friendships, died from his injury after destroying Kaio's elit army of thousand man. As they die, Hyo apologizes to Kaio for not being stronger, because if Hyo was stronger Jukei would not have had to force Kaio to be subservient to Hyo, which was one of the sources of Kaio's hatred.

Kaiō : Oldest brother of Raoh and Toki, got two scars on his face. He was so powerful that he had to wear special armor to harness keep his energy focused. He hated all that Hokuto Shin Ken stood for because Jukei told him that he was destined to be a servant of Hokuto Shin Ken instead of a successor. Kaio secretly hated Hyo for this since he was more powerful than Hyo but was forced by Jukei to lose matches to Hyo. During their early training he was forced to lose matches to Hyo because Jukei believed Hyo was of the proper bloodline to be the successor. In one such instance Kaio and Hyo were set to fight on a small suspension bridge. Jukei told Kaio to let Hyo win to boost Hyo's confidence. Kaio was determined to beat Hyo regardless of Jukeis order, but in his attack, Kaio slipped off the bridge and Hyo saved him from falling which further enraged Kaio. Eventually Kaio conquers the land and Hyo is made second in command to Kaio which Hyo is content with since he has always acknowleged Kaio's superiority. Kaio was the last one Kenshiro battled with before saving Lynn. Ken striked him with a "Friendly strike fist of the north star", so that Kaio wont feel pain before he dies.




Bat (Bart): A young thief whom get imprisoned in the same jail of Kenshiro. He decided to follow Kenshiro everywhere he goes, along with Lynn. He's an expert mechanic and also drive a car to carry Kenshiro and Lynn during their trip. Helps Ken to protect Lynn.

Rin (Lynn): A little girl that befriended Kenshirou, she is Bat's companion. Rin and her twin sister Rui were the daughters of the Gento Emperor. Only one daughter was to be allowed to live, but Falco did not kill her. Rin became mute after witnessing her foster parents' murder, but Kenshirou healed her. Later as a young woman she discovered the truth about her real family.

Mamiya : The village leader that employed Ken and Rei as bodyguards, Mamiya bore an uncanny resemblance to Yuria. On her 20th birthday, Mamiya's parents, the village leaders, were killed by Yuda. Mamiya was kidnapped by the man and was branded with Yuda's mark "UD". She escaped and returned to her village a changed person. Mamiya rejected all that was feminine and learned how to fight, using bladed "yo-yos". She took over as village leader. After employing Ken and Rei, her brother Kou was kidnapped and killed by the Kiba tribe after Kou left the safety of the village.

Airi: Rei's younger sister, Airi was kidnapped by Jagi masquerading as Kenshirou. She was sold into slavery and gave up all hope. She blinded herself because she no longer wanted to see the horrors around her. Airi was taken by Kiba Daiou to manipulate Rei into fighting Kenshirou. Rei and Ken destroyed Kiba Daiou and rescued Airi. Kenshirou used Hokuto Shin Ken to restore her sight. After that, Airi lived in Mamiya's village. Raou's men attacked the village and planned to use Airi as a hostage to weaken Rei. But Airi had learned to be brave from Rin and stood against them.

Ain: A bounty hunter with a powerful punch. Once Ain was injured and was treated by a widow. When she was killed, Ain adopted her daughter, Asuka. From that point on Ain lived to support Asuka. He was persuaded by Bat to join the Hokuto Army. Ain died freeing water from the Gento Castle. Kenshirou wore Ain's glove as tribute to his noble sacrifice.


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