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the approved fanlisting for Naruto episode 16 entitle Kainhou sareta Fuuin (in english The Released Seal) one of the most important episodes of this amasing anime series.
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Naruto and Sasuke fight against Haku. When Naruto can't continue any longer, the power of the Sharingan awakens inside of Sasuke, and the tables turn. When Haku targets a vulnerable Naruto, Sasuke risks everything and sacrifice himself in order to save him. Seeing his friend die in his arms, a powerful force awakens inside Naruto, and fiery red chakra begins to pour out, breaking the Kyuubi's seal. Yes! Sasuke sacrifice himself to save Naruto! This is a good reason to join, it isn't?

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A huge THANK YOU goes to the sweety Sarah (look at this sasunaru *_*) who allowed me to adopt this fanlisting in February of 2009.
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